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Before You Consider Getting a Groove CRM Account Be Sure to Read This...

A Review of Mike Filsaime's Updated Butterfly Marketing Manuscript Strategy for 2021

Groove.cm and its parent company Groove Digital are taking the Internet by storm, but in this new Butterfly Marketing Manuscript review I reveal what ultimately finalized my decision...

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Here's Some of What Will Be Revealed

In This Butterfly Marketing Review:

  • The inspiration and implementation of the original Butterfly Marketing Manuscript 3.0 pdf

  • Who Mike Filsaime is and why he created the Butterfly Marketing Strategies

  • The 4-Step process  for properly implementing Butterfly Marketing in any business

  • The common concerns and complaints to be aware of when it comes to using Butterfly Marketing (and how to overcome them to gain a competitive advantage)

A Quick Summary of the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript 3.0



  • Once the strategy is implemented properly it will attract new leads, convert those leads into paying customers, and then train those paying customers on how to send more leads--on autopilot.


  • Unlike a lot of the different marketing strategies that exist, this strategy can't be implement with Wordpress sites or just any website builder. It requires multiple applications to communicate with each other in a way only GrooveFunnels can do. 


  • By implementing the Butterfly Marketing Strategy, business owners will create true goodwill and trust with their target market because they are providing real value and help to them


  • Despite the massive success of the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript, many people will struggle to see any real results because they don't know how to create content that their market will benefit from. This means people will need to learn how to do this first before being able to see results from the strategy.


  • Regardless if a business is a traditional digital marketing company or a local business, if they are able to handle the growth of new leads and sales they will be able to leverage the strategy


  • Anyone implementing the strategy will want to be sure they take the time to explain the details of how the referral system works. How they are providing REAL value and aren't some sort of MLM or pyramid scheme (or they risk hurting their sales results)


  • The reason many online sales and marketing platforms fail to generate traction is because their affiliate / referral sign-up process is just too complicated. The BMM approach erases that.

Are You Struggling to Generate a Consistent Flow of New Customers?

Who Am I To Do This Review?

I'm Dexx Williams. I'm a best-selling author, and a Profit Systems Specialist who helps local businesses to increase their sales by 30% or more in as little as 30 days using proven marketing strategies.

I've been using Groove.cm since January 2020.

After discovering the updated Butterfly Marketing Manuscript 3.0 plans which were being added to GrooveFunnels, I knew I needed it for my various online businesses. 

In this review I'll share what I discovered, and what I found concerning and frustrating along the way...

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I'm going to ensure this review is truly accurate (and not some fluff piece like many of the other affiliate "reviews" which really just push you to buy Groove CRM).

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Who Created Butterfly Marketing?

The initial Butterfly Marketing Manuscript was created around by Mike Filsaime when he was just breaking into the online marketing space.

Mike used the strategy to created several million dollar product launches and generated significant passive income for years to follow from setting up his initial websites using the strategy.

Mike Filsaime Butterfly Marketing

What Inspired The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript and Software Program?

Mike had discovered early on that the key to business success would boil down to two things: the ability to generate traffic and the ability to convert that traffic into sales.

As such, he designed a systematic approach to not only generate leads and turn those leads into sales, but to take it a step further and leverage the viral nature of the Internet to have those leads tell other people about his products.

As a result, it leads to the creation and continued development of the butterfly marketing manuscript 3.0 pdf

Introducing: Mike Filsaime

One person you should definitely know about is Mike Filsaime.

Mike was the co-founder of companies such as Kartra, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, and the Marketer's Cruise.

Mike has launched and sold many multimillion dollar brands, and the companies he's founded have done over $75 million dollars in revenue.

Mike is definitely not new to the online sales and marketing industry, even if you've surprisingly never heard of him before.

The Little Known Secret About the Butterfly Marketing Definition...

Many people don't realize that Mike came up with the name Butterfly Marketing definition after hearing about the philosophical concept of the butterfly effect.

The concept is based on the chaos theory, which theorized that small causes in one areas may generate a large impact in a completely different area.

Which lead Mike to believe that the small impact of just one person to their immediate circle of friends and family could lead to massive impact within an entire niche. As a result, the butterfly marketing strategy came to life.

What The Butterfly Marketing Strategy Helps Solve

A quick over of the Butterfly Marketing Strategy and the purpose of the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript 3.0...

groove butterfly marketing


Currently, most online sales and marketing efforts are completely reliant on the efforts of the site owners to generate traffic to their sites either with paid or organic traffic.

While this is a proven way of getting an initial surge of visitors, it does nothing in terms of generating EXPONENTIAL growth in new leads and sales for the websites. 

This puts them at a significant competitive disadvantage compared to a sales funnel that knows how to accomplish it. 


As you can see in the expanded funnel structure revealed in the image, the key factor in the Butterfly Marketing approach is that each new lead to your funnel is then stimulated to share the site with others who could benefit from it.

As a result, you experience exponential growth in sales and leads once you provide the initial seeding of traffic to your sites.

This eliminates thousands of dollars in paid advertising costs, and hours of SEO work to try and generate enough organic traffic consistently (without fearing Google and Facebook slaps)


In short, the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript was created to make the process of creating high converting, and very profitable, online and local business websites much easier to produce.

Who Will Benefit From a Butterfly Marketing Strategy? 

  • Small businesses and start-ups who have products or services that can be promoted by word-of-mouth referrals

  • Consultants and agencies who want to jumpstart their, or their clients', lead generation

  • Experienced marketers who know the basics, but want to uncover "golden nugget" tactics that will accelerate their results

  • Freelancers who want a proven system for growing a steady stream of more and better clients

  • Coaches who don't want to rely on word-of-mouth and networking events to find their next client

Who Won't Benefit From Mike Filsaime's Strategy?

  • A business that has a limited number of inventory that they can sell, and would not be able to scale with viral growth

  • Someone who believes they will instantly have a 6 or 7 figure business simply because they tossed some content online which had little or no real value for their market

The Butterfly Marketing Strategy Overview

The following is a quick summary of the four steps involved in implementing the Butterfly Marketing Strategies based on the Butterfly Marketing Definition provided by Mike Filsaime in his Butterfly Marketing Manuscript 3.0 pdf

Butterfly Marketing: Groove Style

This diagram shows how GrooveFunnels has implemented Butterfly Marketing strategies to rapidly grow their user base.

As traffic comes in, they see a free offer. They are then presented with an offer to upgrade, and then end up already inside of the member's area.

They are then shown a video explaining they can be paid to share the free offer with others who could benefit from it.

STEP ONE: A High-Value Free Offer

In this step you have to provide a free offer. Something of incredible value that you will give away for free.

Incredible value is something like GrooveFunnels itself, which is given away for free, but that other companies charge $97/month or more for.

It should hurt to give it away, you should feel like you're giving too much away for free. Your market should worry that there's a catch because it's just that incredibly valuable!

It's this level of free value that will cause your entire Butterfly Marketing system to go viral quickly.

STEP TWO: A Limited Time Offer

After someone requests the high-value free offer, you want to provide them with a one-time offer to access something that will enhance their desired results with the free offer.

This limited time offer should normally cost substantially more, but they will have one chance to get the offer for a fraction of the price, but they have to act fast.

For example a training program that is usually $497 could be made available for just $97 if they buy within 30 minutes.


Regardless of whether the person decides to take the initial one-time offer, be sure to also have another offer that will offer even MORE value and improve their results even MORE should they choose to buy it (called an Upsell).

If they decline the upsell, then offer something else for a much lower price. Perhaps breaking off a piece off the initial course that was offered and making it available for less (called a Downsell).

STEP THREE: Teaching and Tools

Immediately after seeing your additional offers, the new student is placed in a member's area on your website.

In this member's area it's important you have an initial video that welcomes and thanks them for taking action.

The video should also teach them how they can earn a referral commission if they know anyone who could use the free information (should the person decide to buy the same offers they were just shown)

The key element of this members portal is that it has the affiliate / referral links and sharing material ready to be copy and pasted immediately for the new member to use.

With no complicated sign up process, and no delay in getting started, it becomes instantly easy for them to take their unique referral link and it with 5 or more people should they be interested in sharing the value and getting paid.

This one feature alone is currently only possible with the GrooveFunnels platform, which is why it's the only sales and marketing software that can allow you to implement Butterfly Marketing Strategies.

STEP FOUR: Rinse and Repeat

Due to the Butterfly Marketing strategy instantly turning new leads into affiliates, and those affiliates having the ability to immediately copy and paste a referral link to the free high-value offer in order to get paid for each person who buys, the system quickly goes viral.

This is the unfair advantage that Butterfly Marketing with GrooveFunnels provides that no other sales and marketing platform can offer.

The 3 Unfair Advantages of Using The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript to Dominate Your Market

There's so many interesting things provided by the Butterfly Marketing strategy - but I found these 3 really stood out!

BMM Advantage #1: Generates Goodwill 

Whether you are already well known in your market, or completely unknown, giving away something of incredible value for free will immediately build trust and reciprocity with your market.

BMM Advantage #2: Designed to Go Viral 

The biggest unfair advantage which no other platform can provide, is that there is no complicated affiliate sign up process.

This means new leads immediately able to begin promoting your products and services for you.

That means you see continued growth in leads and sales, while also freeing up time and money to focus on developing your business in other ways.

BMM Advantage #3: Profitable List Building 

By implementing a true Butterfly Marketing strategy in your business you will truly be able to build a profitable list of high-quality leads on autopilot

Building a list of high-quality leads is typically the most expensive process for any business to do, and you will have a significant advantage over your competition because your list will be able to grow without the costs and headaches of traditional list building.

Butterfly Marketing Pricing: How Much Does Butterfly Marketing Cost?

At the time of writing this Butterfly Marketing strategy review, the current members of GrooveFunnels have access to the Butterfly Marketing software. This includes both the free and paid accounts.

Mike did say that it's likely accounts created in the future (at least the free accounts) will NOT have access to the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript 3.0 pdf software and resources.

In order to get started right now you just need a GrooveFunnels account and the desire to see incredible results with the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript technology and tools that have been provided to members.

Can We Get Butterfly Marketing for Free or Is There a Free Trial?

Special GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal and GroovePages Lifetime Price

As you may have noticed, the monthly pricing plans have not yet been made available for GrooveFunnels.

Instead, (for a limited time) GrooveFunnels is offering lifetime access to the $299/mo Platinum Plan for a one-time investment.

The lifetime deal is a strategy to help fund the rapid growth and development of the platform (like a KickStarter) and has already generated millions of dollars which has gone into cutting the development time by over 66%!

Not just that, but the value provided by the GrooveFunnels Lifetime deal actually saves the user $16,000+ per year when compared to the annual cost of subscriptions to the other software platforms that would be needed to provide similar features.

My Summary of Butterfly Marketing Manuscript Reviews, Reddit Concerns, Common Complaints, and Negative Reviews That Cause People to Hesitate

The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript 3.0 pdf and the Butterfly Marketing Software have been around since 2006. Thousands of marketers have had the ability to implement the concept in their businesses, with both positive and negative feedback of their experiences.

The new version of Butterfly Marketing for GrooveFunnels will address many of these frustrations to make the process even easier to use, but in the meantime, I've compiled some of the more frequent issues that people had when it came to using the Butterfly Marketing Strategy...

BMM Complaint #1: It's a Pyramid Scheme 

One of the biggest fears of many people who encountered the Butterfly Marketing Strategy was that it reminded them of a pyramid scheme or Multi-Level Marketing company.

While this is an understandable concern, the difference in the BMM case is that the strategy is just giving a sales commission to every person recommends the products or services of the business.

This is no different than any other business compensating sales people or sending gift cards as thank you gifts to people who referred friends or family to them.

With pyramid schemes there is no real product for sale, and money is generated purely based on recruiting other people.

With MLM's, there is more of a focus on building out a "downline" of people under you, who recruit more people under them.

Neither of those descriptions applies to the Butterfly Marketing Strategy as it is all about providing real value in order to get your high-value offer to go viral.

BMM Complaint #2: It Comes Across Pushy

Another concern that came up frequently is the amount of offers that are made to people after they request the high-value free offer.

Many people were worried this would make them look bad or that they had "tricked" the person, but you must remember the whole purpose of the Butterfly Marketing strategy is to provide a ton of useful value to the market for much less than it could be sold for.

As long as you are providing genuine value in a way that not only helps your target market, but also causes them to genuinely get excited at how incredible the value of the offer is, they will not perceive you in a negative way.

If the offers you are providing are not helpful at all, then it wouldn't matter if you gave them away for free. They will think negatively of you because you provided them with no value.

BMM Complaint #3: Too Good to Be True

The last major complaint or cause for concern is that the premise of the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript seems too powerful, too easy, and too good to be true.

The fact that something so powerful is not used everywhere by everyone to get results "if it were so good" makes a lot of people reluctant to try it.

However, the reality is that until Mike Filsaime implemented the tools and features of BMM into GrooveFunnels, there simply was no other software platform online that COULD do Butterfly Marketing.

Right now the individuals who have access to GrooveFunnels have a significant competitive advantage over their competition.

Is Using The Butterfly Marketing Strategy Worth It?

Based on my experience, and my research of others who have used the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript 3.0 PDF, it's clear to me that the Butterfly Marketing definition ensure that not only is the strategy beneficial... it's a must.

The Butterfly Marketing strategy not only provides a ton of incredible value to the target market, but it also positions the business as an authority, while generating more leads on autopilot and converting them into sales... 

Who then turn around and generate more leads and more sales for the business.

In short, the Butterfly Marketing Strategies are absolutely worth it!

Time Impact

It can reduce the time to build a significant list of high-quality leads.

Money Impact

It can dramatically reduce the amount of initial investment required to get setup.

Effort Impact

It can streamline and automate the process of generating more sales revenue

Final Thoughts

Easy to use, hard for competitors to compete with, and built for viral growth. 5 / 5 Stars.

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Now, while I've got you here, let's talk about some frequently asked questions...

Additional questions on the Butterfly Marketing Definition and Butterfly Marketing Manuscript coming soon...