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Before You Consider Getting a GrooveKart Account Be Sure to Read This...

The Ultimate GrooveKart vs Shopify Reviews: Updated Pricing, Fees, Complaints, and More!

GrooveKart and its parent company Groove Digital are taking the Internet by storm, but in this honest GrooveKart review I reveal what I discovered that ultimately made up my decision...

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Here's Some of What Will Be Revealed

In This GrooveKart Review:

  • The Brains behind Groove Digital (and their true plans for the future development of the new GrooveKart 2.0)

  • The real reason GrooveKart was created (and why so many of the top e-Commerce marketers are excited to make the switch from Shopify to GrooveKart)

  • The advanced sales and marketing features that GrooveKart can do without needing additional costly plugins and extensions (like Shopify requires)

  • Three competitive advantages the GrooveKart platform has that is driving it's massive growth (hint: lifetime access for FREE is a big one)

A Quick Summary of GrooveKart



  • Easily the biggest advantage of GrooveKart is that anyone can start their own online e-Commerce store without the burden of expensive monthly fees.

    The only "catch" being that free accounts pay 2% more per transaction compared to paid accounts.


  • Seriously. Between the free access, and the built-in premium features that many other platforms charge for, it's hard to find any negatives about GrooveKart.


  • Unlike many other platforms (like Shopify) GrooveKart includes dozens of premium features for improving sales and conversions without charging extra for them.

Building an E-Commerce Business Shouldn't Be Difficult! 

Who Am I To Do This Review?

I'm Dexx Williams. I'm a best-selling author, and a Profit Systems Specialist who helps local businesses to increase their sales by 30% or more in as little as 30 days using proven marketing strategies.

I've been using GrooveFunnels since January 2020.

E-Commerse has always been something that interested me, but I found the various platforms to be too clunks and expensive for me to try them out.

Reading some of the other GrooveKart reviews, I felt like they were too hypey or lacking key details.

So, I decided to make a true GrooveKart review of my experience as I begin to use it.

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I'm going to ensure this review is truly accurate (and not some fluff piece like many of the other affiliate "reviews" which really just push you to buy GrooveFunnels).

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What's GrooveKart All About?

This GrooveKart review will discuss the platform that was spearheaded by it's primary creators, Mike FIlsaime, John Cornetta, and Matt Serralta.

GrooveKart reviews commonly mention how it's a software as a service (SaaS) for creating eCommerce websites. This allows the user to easily sell physical products to consumers anywhere in the World.

The GrooveKart software was initially launched in October, 2018, and after the initial beta testing was completed, it was officially launched on December 4, 2018.

What Inspired The Creation of GrooveKart 2.0?

One of the founders of Groove Digital, the company that created GrooveKart is John Cornetta.

John has had many different eCommerce stores on Shopify generating well over $350,000 a year (with some even generating $50,000 a month!)

However, John was also frustrated with the limitations within Shopify and he knew he could create a much better platform.

So John approached Matt Serralta, and then together, they brought legendary online marketer, Mike Filsaime, on board. 

The primary focus of this new online store builder was to provide most of the powerful features within Shopify without the incredibly expensive fees.

Introducing: Mike Filsaime

One person you should definitely know about is Mike Filsaime.

Mike was the co-founder of companies such as Kartra, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, and the Marketer's Cruise.

Mike has launched and sold many multimillion dollar brands, and the companies he's founded have done over $75 million dollars in revenue.

Mike is definitely not new to the online sales and marketing industry, even if you've surprisingly never heard of him before.

Introducing: John Cornetta

The King of Dropshipping. John's e-commerce stores do six figures per month.

John's expertise in the needs of a superior platform made it possible to create a software to not only compete with Shopify, but to do it better, easier and more affordably.

John also teaches others his e-commerce strategies and concepts, and his teachings are part of the Groove Digital Academy's free training resources to create an unmatched solution for the community.

From GrooveKart to GrooveFunnels: The Journey to Category King

GrooveKart wasn't initially called GrooveKart, it actually was first branded as Ultra Fun Cart.

John Cornetta reached out to Mike and said, “Hey, we've got this great project on the go. We want to compete with Shopify.”

Mike jumped on board with the project, but that name, "Ultra Fun Cart," didn't exactly generate excitement...

So, Mike came up with the name GrooveKart!

They began developing GrooveKart, and they start building the e-commerce platform, and the three marketers quickly realized they needed a way to build sales pages within the platform.

They didn't want to have some boring block of text and a couple of images for each product's description (like Amazon does)...

Mike and John wanted to have the ability to create sales pages, with upsells and cross-sells to maximize every sale transaction, and to effectively sell the products which would be sold on their e-commerce platform.

So, they began working on a page builder... and eventually a complete sales and marketing platform.

This new platform would soon grow to be known as GrooveFunnels.

What GrooveKart Helps to Solve

I know everybody has different challenges they are looking to address. Here's 3 that stood out to me...

Simple Print-On-Demand Solutions

One of the big challenges prevents many people from getting started with their own eCommerce business is the concern of having to purchase and store thousands of dollars worth of inventory.

GrooveKart eliminates this challenge by directly integrating with companies such as Slingly and Dropified that can do dropshipping.

Dropshipping is when an eCommerce store simply collects the customer information after a purchase and then send the information to a manufacturer to ship the product from their production facility.

Which means no inventory required for your online business!

Incredibly Easy Online Store Builder

Another issue that keeps many people from starting an online store is the challenge of building a store that looks and feels the way they want it to.

Sure, they could pay thousands of dollars to a designer to get their Shopify store looking just right, but many people don't want that headache.

GrooveKart 2.0 has removed this issue by adding a simple but powerful page builder in to the platform with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Now anyone can have their own branded store which represents the looks and professionalism of their business.

groovekart builder
groovekart upsells

Optimized for More Sales Conversions

One of the more frustrating aspects that John Cornetta found about Shopify was the lack of obvious sales and marketing features that businesses requires to maximize their sales.

Shopify does have the ability to allow customers to pay for additional software plugins to bring those features to their stores (for a hefty price) but John thought that was outrageous.

As a result, GrooveKart was built with all the powerful sales and marketing features any business would need.

Features such as the ability to easily convert visitors in to buyers, as well as also implement 1-Click Upsells and Cross-Sells in their stores after a purchase is made.

Who Should Use GrooveKart?

  • Small businesses and start-ups who want an easy way to sell their physical products online

  • Experienced marketers who know the basics of market research and would like to add an additional revenue stream to their income with dropshipping

  • Freelancers who want to become familiar with the requirements for successful eCommerce stores to make the process easier when working with paying clients

  • Social media influencers who would like to expand their brand and give their followers an ability to purchase physical products that represent their community

Who Should Avoid GrooveKart?

  • Individuals just dabbling in marketing, and who don't see the value of investing in their knowledge to understand the platform or how to leverage it to the fullest

  • Someone who believes they will instantly have a 6 or 7 figure business simply because they created an eCommerce store

GrooveKart is Designed for Both Mobile and Desktop

What Can GrooveKart Do Without Needing Plugins?

If you're wondering what can GrooveKart do without having to pay for expensive additional plugins like Shopify requires, then this section is for you...

Import Your Shopify Store

All you need to do is enter store credentials and click a button. The system will import all your products, prices, descriptions and more.

GrooveKart Studio

This is the premium drag-and-drop design suite that's built into the product. T-Shirt designer and more.

Simulated Coupon Finder

The platform simulates the Honey coupon finder. Your visitors will be "discover" a coupon to make them excited to buy at a discounted price.

Pre-Transaction Order Bumps

The ability to make an additional impulse buy offer to a customer at the time of their purchase.

One-Click Upsells

No coding needed. The feature is just point-and-click simple!

Simulated Wheel Prize

Another popular feature that's proven to convert more sales. Other platforms charge a fortune just for this. GrooveKart has it built in!

Social Proof Pop Ups

Boost your conversions with attention-getting pop ups being shown to visitors of recent purchases made by other customers.

Countdown Timers

Give visitors an insentive to purchase sooner without taking a long time to consider other product providers.

Related Products

Like Amazon.com, you can automatically display related items to the product being viewed by the visitor during checkout process.

What GrooveKart Alternatives Are There?

groovekart vs shopify

GrooveKart vs Shopify

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company that was founded in 2004.

When it comes to GrooveKart vs Shopify, a lot of people have been curious about the difference between the platforms. Keep reading to learn more about the GrooveKart vs Shopify differences.

GrooveKart vs SamCart

GrooverKart vs SamCart

SamCart is another well established eCommerce platform that many online stores have used over the years.

When it comes to GrooveKart vs SamCart it's important to compare both features and additional fees.

GrooveKart vs WooCommerce

GrooveKart vs WooCommerce

Not as commonly requested, but still good to know is how GrooveKart vs WooCommerce stacks up.

Stay tuned for a detailed breakdown on how GrooveKart vs WooCommerce compares with each other.

The Unique Advantages Offered by GrooveKart

There's so many interesting things provided by this platform - but I found these 3 really stood out!

groovekart inventory

Advantage #1: No Inventory Required 

One of the biggest challenges that stops most people from opening up a business in general, let alone an online store, is the upfront investment in product and storage costs.

GrooveKart erases this problem by integrating directly with product manufacturers who will print your desired designs on a product, and then ship it to the customer, without you having to pay in advance or store any products.

Essentially making getting started with eCommerce super fast and simple.

Advantage #2: Premium Apps Built Included

A lot of the online store platforms (Shopify etc) charge a fortune to have sales and marketing features added to your store through the use of custom software plugins.

John Cornetta knew this was wrong, and a huge disadvantage for many new business owners, and as a result he decided to build the GrooveKart software platform to have all the features any ecommerce store would need for free.

Advantage #3: Free Access with No Limits

Probably the biggest advantage offered by GrooveKart is the fact that you can access all the powerful features it offers without having to pay a single dollar.

While other platforms charge anywhere from $25 - $500 /month to access all the powerful features of their platforns, GrooveKart provides that access without the monthly fees!

This will be an absolute game changer for the market, and I believe you will see a dramatic shift of people moving their stores to GrooveKart as a result.

GrooveKart Pricing: How Much Does GrooveKart Cost?

GrooveKart used to charge $497 per year to have access to their platform.

During the 2020 pandemic, they decided to change this approach to make it easier for business owners and entrepreneurs to generate a new revenue stream using online sales.

As a result, they provide free access GrooveKart with unlimited stores. Which saves people more than $948/yr compared to using Shopify right out of the gate.

The "catch" being that all free accounts have an additional 2% transaction fee added to cover the GrooveKart expenses.

Individuals who decide to upgrade to a paid GrooveFunnels account have this 2% fee waived, and only pay the transaction fees of their chosen merchant accounts (GroovePay, Stripe, PayPal etc.)

Is GrooveKart Free or Is There a GrooveKart Trial?

Special GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal and GrooveKart Lifetime Price

As you may have noticed, the monthly pricing plans for GrooveFunnels have not yet been made available at the time of this review.

Instead, (for a limited time) GrooveFunnels is offering lifetime access to their $299/mo Platinum Plan for a one-time investment.

BONUS: Platinum account members of GrooveFunnels automatically save 2% on their GrooveKart store transactions!

The lifetime deal is a strategy to help fund the rapid growth and development of the platform (like a KickStarter) and has already generated millions of dollars which has gone into cutting the development time by over 66%!

Not just that, but the value provided by the GrooveFunnels Lifetime deal actually saves the user $16,000+ per year when compared to the annual cost of subscriptions to the other software platforms that would be needed to provide similar features.

My Summary of GrooveKart Customer Reviews, Reddit Concerns, Common Complaints, and Occasional Negative Review That Caused People to Hesitate

Surprisingly, after scouring all the various social media platforms including Facebook groups, Reddit communities, YouTube videos and more, I haven't been able to find any notable complaints about the use of GrooveKart since their latest GrooveKart 2.0 update in fall of 2020.

They have streamlined a lot of the site building process, improved the dashboard area for clarity and use, and made integrations much simpler.

groovekart complaints

Complaint #1: To Be Determined

This section will be updated as feedback of the new GrooveKart platform is published, especially for how GrooveKart vs Shopify compares moving forward.

Is GrooveKart Worth It?

Yes! It is rare for a single platform to get such a simple response to that question, but given all the recent updates in GrooveKart 2.0 and the absolute free access to all the powerful features of the GrooveKart platform, I just can't see how it could not considered an absolute steal of a bargain.

The Groove Digital team also provides an incredible amount of free training courses on ecommerce and marketing to get even the most beginner business owner up to speed on how to market and grow their new stores.

For this reason, I give GrooveKart 5 out of 5 possible stars.

I look forward to seeing where the platform goes from here.

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Now, while I've got you here, let's talk about some frequently asked questions...

This section to be updated as questions are submitted about GrooveKart

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I'll talk to you soon! :-)

-- Dexx