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Before You Consider Getting a 22Apps Account Be Sure to Read This...

A True Review of the 22Apps Software Builder: The Concerns, Complaints, and $997 Bonus!

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Here's Some of What Will Be Revealed

In This 22Apps Review:

  • The mobile movement and why it will affect all businesses (opening the door for a significant competitive advantage)

  • The hidden costs of traditional mobile app creation that tends to crush unprepared businesses 

  • The 3 unique competitive advantages that 22Apps has compared to other platforms

  • The common concerns, questions, and final thoughts as it relates to 22Apps

A Quick Summary of The 22Apps Platform



  • No credit card required. Ever! Lifetime access to an account that will soon be $97/mo


  • The mobile application building platform is still in development and won't be accessible until early 2021

    Update: The PRO version is now released as of May 2021!


  • The platform will natively integrate with both the Apple and Android app stores to provide maximum visibility for developers


  • Phase 1 of the development will be released in early 2021  is now released, and then the rest will be released during the rest of the year


  • Directly integrate your email automation platform of choice to easily send emails and texts to your app users


  • Powerful, automated, behavioural-triggered push notification marketing based on tagging. No other platform can do this!


  • Easily import any courses, content, or membership into your app

The Madness of Marketing

Who Am I To Do This Review?

I'm Dexx Williams. I'm a best-selling author and profit optimization specialist, which means I help small businesses to increase their sales by 30% or more in as little as 30 days. 

I've also previously designed and released my own iPhone app from scratch.

As a result, I learned a lot in the process. This has made it much easier for me to not only assess the realistic capabilities of 22Apps, but also its potential sales and marketing impact for small businesses.

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I'm going to ensure this review is truly accurate (and not some fluff piece like many of the other affiliate "reviews" which really just push you to purchase an upgraded 22Apps account).

If after this review, you decide you're also interested in grabbing an upgraded 22Apps account, I've created the best 22Apps bonus ($997 value) which will make getting great results with your new 22Apps account much easier. More details will be revealed later in this review.

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The Death of Mobile Responsive Websites?

22apps reviews

The Difference a Quality Smartphone App Makes for a Business

Introducing: The Brains Behind the 22Apps Platform

Introducing: Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime is not only an investor in 22Apps, but he's a scaling genius when it comes to software platforms.

Mike was the co-founder of companies such as GrooveFunnels, Kartra, WebinarJam, and EverWebinar.

Mike has launched and sold many multimillion dollar brands, and the companies he's founded have done over $75 million dollars in revenue.

Mike is definitely not new to the online sales and marketing industry, even if you've surprisingly never heard of him before.

Introducing: Matthew McGregor

Matthew is the recognizable face of 22Apps, after spending the past five years in the Internet marketing space.

Matthew actually came up with the idea for 22Apps on a ski trip while he was thinking to himself, "why do people still use websites?"

With the growth in demand for business mobile apps, Matthew saw where the path was going.

As a result, Matt and his team developed a solution that will easily help business owners generate new leads and sales with the use of a business app.

The Difference Between Traditional App Development vs 22Apps

Let's talk about the old approach, at least before 22Apps, if a business wanted a custom-built mobile app, it was probably going to require an investment of about $10,000 or more.

On top of that, simple development could can still take several months and years as you plan out the display's various elements, the formulas behind how everything's going to be interacting with each other, how the data will be moving from one section to another etc.

As a result, any changes and updates to the app would require a significant amount in additional costs and of course, delays in getting the final software rolled out to all of your user's devices.

Needless to say, this was the experience that I also had when I built my app back in 2012, and it was a nightmare to maintain through various Apple developer updates. 

How to Easily Build a Business Mobile Application

22apps sales funnel 22apps sales funnel

In this 22Apps review I'll reveal how they have developed a very easy to use app builder which you'll be able to use for creating any sort of app that you need for your business.

Their platform accomplishes this using a large variety of what they call standard and premium elements. You use these elements to create the exact experience that you're looking to provide your customers.

You have the ability to do immediate notifications to anybody who has your application.

Is your restaurant or retail store having a sale?

Are you looking to push some last minute inventory?

Then sending out a promotional instant notification is your best solution via the app that they have installed on a device they have next to them almost 24 hours a day!

You might have seen this used quite often by some of the biggest brands around the globe like the Starbucks app (or really any happy hour message from some restaurants and bars).

So when it comes to notifications, email is nice, but there's a good chance they won't see their email for hours or even a days later.

On the other hand, mobile application notifications are typically instant, and your customers will be physically alerted to your message, which makes it even more likely to be acknowledged and acted upon.

Who Needs or Benefits from 22Apps?

Retail stores, restaurants, service based businesses like a plumber, mechanic, accountant, etc. basically any business that has a product or service that they could enhance using an engaging app or to remind their target market of how the business can solve their problems and frustrations.

That said, content creators can also benefit from having an app.

Whether it's someone who's developing digital courses, online coaching, online consulting, or even if you are just doing a lot of social media content and you want to make it very easy to access and consume your content from a mobile device without risking people getting distracted on YouTube or Twitter or Facebook by everybody else's content, having your material in a centralized location is perfect.

And of course, this also opens the door for digital marketing agencies who provide such services to small business owners and content creators.

In fact, the 22Apps features will allow you to manage the apps for all of your clients within a single login area. It's designed to be very user-friendly. 

What is a Mobile Application Sales Funnel?

The next question that tends to come up when people check out this 22Apps review is “what is a funnel?”

A traditional model for a business when it comes to a sales funnel would begin with:

Step 1 - A flyer, a newspaper, postcard, letter, or some sort of print media (whatever your chosen method for getting your marketing message in front of your audience is)

Step 2 - That message is typically to get them to attend a location, like a store, a medical or legal practice, a shopping center of some sort, etc.

Step 3 - Once they get to your business, there's going to be somebody who will let the prospective customer know about the products or services that are available for them to purchase (the salesperson will also address whatever problems they are trying to solve)

Step 4 - Once that sales conversation takes place, and the prospective customer feels their needs can be solved, then a transaction can happen and a sale is closed.

The business has now converted someone who was a high-quality lead into a paying client or a customer.

How 22Apps Sales Funnels Work

When it comes to how 22 apps works, the answer is the features within the available platform elements will allow you to replace what already exists in your current (or planned) sales flow such as capturing the contact information of high-quality leads and then following up with them as shown below.

22apps sales funnel 22apps notification 22apps notification 22apps notification   Click HERE to See More

What Are The Benefits of Using 22Apps?

The 22Apps benefits are nearly limitless.

Less time required in terms of getting up and running with a mobile application to generate sales, and being able to set up your sales funnel using the tools that you need.

Less work required because you can automate the lead generation and follow-up process with those leads to convert them into paying customers.

Less money required due to the value that's provided from the built-in availability of all the different features within the 22Apps membership platform. Features which will provide more bang for your buck than what you'd be required to pay to access the same features outside the platform.

Is 22Apps Free or is There a 22Apps Trial?

22Apps Pricing: How Much Does 22Apps Cost?

Should you decide to upgrade from the basic (free) account, the current 22Apps pricing plan is made up of three different tiers: LITE, PRO, and Custom Creation.

Special 22Apps Lifetime Deal and 22Apps Lifetime Price

As you may have noticed, the monthly 22apps pricing plan has not yet been made available.

Instead, (for a limited time) the 22Apps bonus perk is offering lifetime access to the $199/mo PRO Plan for a insanely low one-time investment.

The lifetime deal is a strategy to help fund the rapid growth and development of the platform (like a KickStarter) and has already generated over half a million dollars which has gone into cutting the development time significantly!

Not just that, but the value provided by the 22Apps Lifetime deal actually saves the user thousands of dollars when compared to the annual cost of development and maintenance using the other software platforms that would be needed to provide similar features.

I also don't know how long they're keeping the free account for, because they're right now in the development and build out phase of the platform and that will be ending very soon.

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22Apps Competitive Advantage #1: Built for True Sales Conversion Power

You've got a marketing mastermind like Mike Filsaime teamed up Matthew McGregor, and they have an incredible team all working behind the screens to design an app building platform that meets the real needs of entrepreneurs and marketers, instead of people just creating a pretty mobile business card like many other platforms.

Why do I say this?

If you look closely at the features included in this 22Apps review, you will notice that it is built for conversion purposes.

It is meant to allow you to easily attract new leads to monitor what those leads are doing.

You'll be able to easily see which app users are hyper-engaged and are more likely to convert into sales. Then you can send out targeted notifications to those people, which would bring me to...

22Apps Competitive Advantage #2: Audience Segmentation with Tags

Imagine this: Let's say you're a financial adviser and you create an app that's got a built-in mortgage calculator or retirement planning element to it.

You're now able to take any individual that not only downloads that app, but engages with that specific element to come up with their budget or retirement plan!

You now know this is someone who's shown they are highly interested in that type of solution.

You could then send a notification to precisely that person with a special offer or an invitation to attend a live webinar or a pre-recorded presentation located within a secured membership portal, which would be...

22Apps Competitive Advantage #3: In-App Login System & Members Portal

You'll have the ability to securely provide access to additional resources, training, budgeting plans, etc. from within your application.

This further enhances the engagement with your content as well as the user experience for easily accessing information your customers need access to while on the go!

These three features on their own are amazing (and something that the majority of other app builders do not provide).

As I've previously mentioned, it's not about just creating a mobile version of your website. It's about creating an experience that not only attracts new leads, but positions your business as a credible authority in your market.

As such, these three advantages are extremely powerful when you applied to any savvy small business. 

My Summary of Customer Concerns and Complaints Regarding 22Apps

Keep in mind the platform, at the time of this review, is still in the early stages of being created for a phase 1 launch in late 2020 with the rest of the platform to be released in 2021 and beyond.

As such, most of the concerns and "complaints" are based on what has been discussed for the initial planned release.

Complaint #1 - The Software is still in Early Development

"I want an app right now. I don't want to wait two months."

It's understandable to be incredibly impatient for what is likely the most anticipated software of it's kind...

However, that being said, if you look at how powerful this platform is going to be, it makes sense to still register even a free account and follow the training that's being provided in advance of the release of the software.

Then you'll be able to hit the ground running with your free account as soon as the platform is good to go!

And of course, once you are able to monetize your free account, then you could always switch over to the monthly plan from that point on. Which leads me to...

Complaint #2 - The 2,500 User Limit for PRO Plan

A lot of people are wondering, "what if my app goes viral? What if I end up on the front page of a newspaper and I get a million downloads. What am I supposed to do about the 2,500 user limit?"

Well, if you happen to hit your initial 2,500 user limit, there's a couple of things to keep in mind:

It's very easy to move up to the next tier in access so you could go to to 2,500 and 25,000 users for $97 a month.

If you eventually need more than that then you've got access to the 25,000 to 100,000 user plan, then 100,000 to 500,000; and then every 500,000 user increase after that has a monthly fee.

Now if you're looking at these numbers and you're panicking, there's a couple more things to keep in mind:

You have the ability to charge any price you'd like in order for users to download your app.

Which means you could charge as little as a single dollar to have access to your app, which would cover the cost of providing access to thousands of users...

Or you can make the app free and simply place paid advertising inside of it to subsidize the cost...

Or and here's a crazy thought... You just convert all of these leads into paying customers!

I'm pretty sure if you had 100,000 people accessing your app (who are exactly the type of people that your business is able to help), you would have no problem paying a small monthly fee to be able to instantly send an offer, a sales message, or a marketing message of some sort to let all 100,000 users know that you have something available that they could purchase!

Needless to say, if you hit your limit, that's a good thing!

The Big Question: Is 22Apps Worth It?

Here's my final thoughts on this 22Apps review:

#1 - The leadership team has a vision for becoming a Category King in the niche of mobile application creation.

They've already taken a look at the various competitors out there, and they know where they are coming up short. 22Apps is going to address the weaknesses that those app builders have failed to address.

#2 - You also have a platform that is built to truly maximize sales conversions compared to the other apps that are out there.

A lot of the other apps builder brag about the different elements that they make available, and the different ways that you can make your mobile app screens "look pretty." They rarely talk about the actual sales conversion capability to turn leads into paying customers.

This is where 22Apps comes in strong. This is where small businesses, content creators, and digital marketing agencies will receive a significant advantage moving forward using 22Apps for their mobile application building needs.

However, even with all of the identified advantages, the biggest reason for why I actually decided to invest and purchase access to the 22Apps platform is that they're right providing a lifetime access deal which provides an incredible amount of value for a price that is essentially for just two months of their future PRO level subscription.

This means never having to make another payment again while other platforms are charging up to $400/month or more to be able to build a mobile application for a business. Saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.

The reason they're offering such an incredible lifetime access offer is because they're using the initial investments to help fund the rapid development of the platform.

They've already generated well over half a million dollars, and they're on track towards a million dollars.

All of that money is being used to expand the development team so that 22Apps is able to push more updates out faster, and get the platform into the hands of business owners right away. 

As I've said, while it's frustrating to have to wait, the company is committed to being the best in every category they operate in.

As a result, I have no hesitation in recommending 22Apps for any business looking for a powerful mobile application tool to increase their sales and lead generation results.

It can't receive any rating stars (yet) because it's in alpha and it's still rolling out. However, that said, they've still shown more commitment to being the best in this class and in this industry than any other platform I've seen in such a short period of time.

I will continue to revisit this review in the future and update it accordingly as more development takes place.

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I plan to sell this course for $997 once it's complete, and that will happen as soon as 22Apps is fully released with it's planned functionality.

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In the meantime, enjoy your free account, and get ready to play around with the app builder as soon as it hits the market in December or January.

Cheers to your success,

- Dexx

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